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Meeting Professionals Looking for Next Heavenly Bed…

Meeting Professionals Looking for Next Heavenly Bed…

Destinations and hotels are starting to look the same.  With every new idea, CVBs and hotels will pick up on the new concept and implement it as quickly as possible in order to remain current and reduce any advantage competitors may have.  In the 90s, Starwood introduced the Heavenly Bed and changed the entire industry — beds had a renaissance and became the focal point of a hotel room. Many professionals are still not sure how this was a new idea but it was received as such.  It was not long before all the other full-service brands began to boast that they too had “pillow-top” mattresses.

So how do you find your “heavenly bed” for your next meeting of executives when they have seen it all?  The bar is as high as ever for meeting professionals to unearth the most compelling destination or hotel to attract or satisfy a target audience — and to deliver these at the same cost as the previous meeting or program.

The average audience for events have become selective and is always demanding something new.  They are spending their personal time to travel and being away from their jobs and families is not as attractive as it once was.  The entire group has truly been there and done that.  Bucket lists are not as long as they once were.

Enter a destination and idea compelling enough to get even the most discerning traveler to pay attention.  Would a group of up to 75 executives find it exciting to attend a meeting that had its own island in the Caribbean? A meeting where the experience was so unique that it could only be found at one place on earth?  An event where they felt like they were one of the global economy’s business elite that by passes normal customs to be received at the hotel where the in-country customs process is performed in their own private room—complete with welcome beverages and crudité?  This is the experience you can offer with a buyout of Scrub Island. And that buyout is done with only 75 rooms!  (http://www.scrubisland.com/)

This British Virgin Islands gem boasts one hotel–the Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina.  As an Autograph Collection hotel, it can offer Marriott points and benefits.  Attendees fly into Puerto Rico and quickly board a boat that will whisk them over to the island — the experience of taking a water taxi to your hotel is once in a lifetime. It is all too easy to picture 007 moving hastily upon the guests to take up his vantage point for the next movie scene. Upon arrival, each guest is escorted to a private room where customs takes place – no long lines, no hassle.   

The private island resort offers a setting that is most conducive to giving your group a productive meeting as everyone will be relaxed and open to your meeting’s purpose.  The serene, emerald water bay in front of the hotel calms, giving an opportunity to disconnect from the busy mainland, enabling your guests to focus on that day.  The hotel offers luxury villas for upgrades and VIPs.  The spa is award-winning and world-class.  The three private beaches are great locations to read a book or hold a candlelight evening reception. The hotel also has a 62-foot sailing yacht that is classically designed and simply stunning which can be used for a day trip or as an overnight room for a few guests.  

During free times, your guests will have plenty of options to entice them to experience the island and surrounding ocean. They can take deep-sea diving or snorkel excursions, boats are available for charter, the sailing school is open and paddle boarding can provide a great workout. For those looking for exercise, a fitness center and hiking are options.  If R&R is the goal, the gorgeous island vistas will give more chances to reflect.   

Finally, it is worth the trip just to experience the cuisine from gourmet to casual.  Local ingredients and fresh caught seafood highlight every menu -even the steaks are fantastic at this unique locale.  Banquets are executed to perfection and can be moved to unique island locations.

Applied Meetings & Hospitality Solutions has the proven experience and creativity to deliver unique world class experiences.  We passionately work with every client to ensure that each one can show and prove a return on objectives.  This is a team that is always thrilled to blend their creativity with business acumen to provide unique, turn key, experiences.  Contact us for more information and who knows, the island buyout could be yours!



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